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Love the process

Love the process

Before we go to the main story, I would like to thank my teachers – they taught me to produce results, which get evaluated and compared to others. This prepared me well for a job in the industry, where only results matter and no-one wants to be the “he-tried-very-well-guy”.

However, I remember that I liked to doodle around before school age, but it got less through the years. The effort wasn’t worth it, if the grades stayed as they were. And now it’s my kids turn to learn drawing and forget it later again.

My 3-year old teacher

It must be about a year ago, when I saw my three-year old son drawing something on a sheet of paper. He was turning the page left and rightwards, used different crayons and he had that ambitious look. I could see, he was right in the middle of creating his next master piece. So I asked him “What are you drawing?”. I prepared myself for an answer like “house” or “car” or something and I would say “Oh yes, I see – it’s really nice”. But instead, he answered a little bit annoyed (probably because I broke his flow) “Blue and red and a little bit green, can’t you see?” “Uh… yes…” I replied. Obviously, my question was really stupid – grown-ups simply don’t understand what drawing is all about. On the contrary, kids all over the globe love drawing – not to present something nice – but because turning a blank page into a colored one is fun.

When I look at me from some distance, I realize it‘s rare that I do something just for fun, especially create something just for fun. It all has to make sense. Go jogging to be healthy, write for this blog or read to learn something new. But I‘m still OK compared to the lifehacking folks. There are people, who wear always the same outfit, so they don‘t have to spend time on choosing an outfit. Or track their sleeping hours to get the perfect rest and be even more productive the next day and meditate of course to boost creativity. Trying to increase efficiency like machines.

A message to the machines

Dear machines, you think you are monks who search their ideal self, but instead you are the hamster that is trying to run faster in it‘s wheel.

I believe, life is better, when it‘s balanced between tension and relaxation. Tension, when you hustle and deliver results. Relaxation, when you do something just for fun or don‘t do anything (which is meditation in fact)… Ideally, we always should love the process. Taste food while eating, smell air when being in nature or enjoy converting thoughts into words. Results may come – let them surprise you.

Let’s allow ourselves to take some time with no goals or results. Just lean back and read a good story, paint for fun or go jogging, when you want to move the bones, not to lose weight. Don’t think about effects – run.

Lego stormtrooper writing 52steps

Wrote this and went out for a run

PS: I might try the meditation thing later…


Pictures from: Lia Leslie and Daniel Cheung