small stones - no trifles

Gold nuggets – no trifles (+tiny challenge)

Dear all,

I just found a great quote from the legendary Michelangelo and wanted to share with you.

When I look at all that is great precisely, I see that it is composed of nothing but trifles, and when I look exactly I recognize that there is no such thing as a trifle.
– Michelangelo

(It was posted on a German website and I hope that Google and me translated more or less correctly. If not, please post a better version into the comments)
Can you see him sitting there with his notebook (yes, I know, but still possible) and reading through the filled pages with all the memories coming up? And then he realizes – none of the things he did in the past were senseless, because the combination of all of them brought him right here, formed him and define him.


Now what is the learning for us, normal people?
Maybe it’s the insight that we don’t need to be afraid of doing unimportant things – in a wider context each of our improvement steps will play a role (–> there are no trifles). So, whatever wish that you want to convert into an improvement step and accomplish, has to be done! I mean there is a reason why you got that idea or thought, so don’t kill it before even trying to make it real. Write it down and get it done. It’s as simple as that =)


Ok, this is not a real challenge – it’s too easy, but we want to start small, right?:

  1. You have your nice digital pictures (if not, take some)
  2. Select a picture of someone you love (your kids / spouse / friend / cat?)
  3. Print it out (home printer or in the shop, large or small – it’s your choice and doesn’t really matter)
  4. Frame it and hang it on your favorite wall at home

That’s it

No, wait a second: after you did it, reflect… how does it feel?

And now have a nice day!

Image by Victoria Alexander from