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Are goals good or bad? Or what?

There’s no doubt that goals are…

I‘m sitting in a hotel in the Netherlands and thinking about goals… Again.

In general goals are great – every life or career coach will agree. Goals give you an understanding of what you want and consequently you build a strategy on how to achieve it.

But that‘s just one side of the coin. On the other side, goals can be boundaries. Let me show you an example from life (and you can try this exercise):

Some morning, you set yourself a goal: “I make 30 push-ups today”. Or whatever is a tough but realistic figure for you. And then you do the push-ups and count and I guarantee that the last two or three will be damn hard, but you will make the 30. YES! Made it! Mission complete.

On the other day you ask yourself instead: “Let’s see how many push-ups I can make?!”. This time you let someone else count for you – silently. You focus only on the very next push-up. And I tell you from my own experience that the chance is pretty high that you end up somewhere around 37! You just crush the limit.

So what are goals? Wings or extra load?

They help you to define a direction that is important to you, but if they are too rigid – not flexible – they limit yourself. The difficult part is to find a balance between a stretching goal and artificial boundaries. And that is because we simply have no clue what we are capable of – we think we know, but that is just a perception (I want to think about perceptions in a seperate post).

By the way: there are no links to other websites, because I didn’t find any that write how limiting goals can be… Maybe you know some?

Tell me in the comments or email or facebook: in what situation did you surprise yourself and overrun a set goal?

Picture from Pierre Leverrier