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52 Steps website ready! Ok, and what is it about?

Yap, finally this website is done!

I can tell you, this took more than just one small step. But probably this is already the best introduction to the main topic of this website and the blog – it’s about achieving great goals by breaking them down into small steps and finishing one by one.

About 52 Steps

Well, basically this is not a secret so far. The special thing about 52 Steps is that it focuses only on tasks, which really make a sense to you and bring you a little bit closer to your overall goal.

The idea was born, when I read about some online entrepreneur and how he tries to improve his business by doing one little improvement step each week – at the end of the year he would have made 52 such steps, which is a lot in fact!

For me this procedure was a real game changer! “I can apply it to my house works.” I thought. You have to know, that we’re living in an older house which is nice and we really like it, but if you take a closer look then you see so many details that have to be overhauled or replaced. All these tasks, I collected in a to do list on the computer and from time to time I got the chance to do what was necessary. Now you can imagine that this is not very consistent and to be honest I cannot figure out one main reason – maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of tasks or the fact that you don’t see them daily (it’s an Excel file in some subfolder) or it’s simply the other daily priorities…

I’m sure to be not the only one with such a bucket list in the back of my head – how do you feel to have that growing stack of to-dos in front of you and not finishing them faster than new points appear? Not really nice, right?

However, the only way I figured out for myself how to do the tasks and feel good at the same time, was to pick just one of them and write it into my paper calendar notebook. So, no matter what would come up during this week, I had to complete this improvement step. Sounds like pressure? Not really, as you reserve a whole week to do it.

And remember, these are only the special steps that change your situation in the long run. For example it is not “buy milk, clean dishes, …” but rather “repair door (winter is coming)”

Why the workbook?

The next thought was: what if the improvement steps won’t be mixed up with the everyday stuff, but get a designated notebook instead? That must be a great and motivating feeling to browse through it after a year and see what you’ve achieved! Ok, get another blank notebook!?

Or, wait a second: can this be put on a higher level? Like add some guiding questions, which make you think about what you want to do and why you want it? As soon as you understand the sense of a particular step, there is no other way than getting it done… now!
Plus, a reflection on how you feel after having successfully finished the step will be the reward and make you want more 🙂

And finally (after 52 weeks), you will get a really motivating book with great success stories and examples of what people are able to achieve when they have a clear vision, discipline and a little helper. The 52 Steps workbook – made by you!

The only motivation book, you should read is the one that is written by yourself!

(or you try to read the 91,568 books on amazon and see where you end up)

What are the next steps?

Well, for me, the next steps are to find a good printing agency, finalize the layout of the pages and the workbook itself and then get it done!

For you, I recommend to sign up for the newsletter and then get an email from me as soon as the workbook is ready. Or even better, you start right now with your improvement steps, because the welcome mail from the newsletter will contain the password to the download area. That means you get the 52 Steps page in pdf format for free and are ready to go!

And now, if you made it down to here – big thank you!

Whatever you’re going to do now, I wish you all the best and hope that we hear from each other. If you want to share your feedback, feel more than welcome to do so in the comments or via email.

Best regards