Not just another journal -

we call it Workbook


Know your mission

The Vision

Since we understand that the truly important tasks (read Steps) in our lives are always connected to a greater goal, the workbook gives you space for your Vision(s).

Great goals don't need many words. One is enough. You know what it means and that's what matters.


Divide and conquer

The Steps

We could have made a workbook with daily action plans, but we believe you don't need that kind of pressure.

You are okay the way you are.

That's why a Step is one week. 7 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. You decide.

Look back and then move on


Do you know those moments, when you need motivation or a good advice? Just look back at what you have accomplished. Remember how you have mastered difficult situations.

The Workbook comes with Reviews after every 13 Steps. Your previous success will move you forward.

Made in


We didn't want the Workbook to travel too much without you. So instead of making it in China, like the big guys do, we design and craft it right here in Siebengebirge, Germany.

Your pen will love the heavy paper and the Workbook will live by your side for one year and many more on the shelf.


What's not in

Calendar & Battery

We leave you with the best calendar ever - your own. The Workbook is independent from space and time. You decide when a week starts and even how many days it has. If you skip a week, no need to skip a page. Freedom.

The Workbook arrives and is ready to go! No need to charge batteries. Ever. Because... you know... there is none.

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